Broncolor LED F160 - powerful LED lamp with outstanding CRI, matching the broncolor light shaper assortment

The special thing on the LED F160 lamp is that it is ideally matching the extensive broncolor light shaper assortment. Due to the large angle of radiation and an optimized light mixture the use of a LED in light shapers is possible for the first time.


With this LED lamp the photographer is not limited in any way in his creative work. The lamp acts like a flash lamp while working with light shapers. The photographer does not need to rethink and can work as usual.


The traditional and proven broncolor system idea is also persued with the new LED product. This effects that investments of our clients are protected at long sight and single accessories can be used on a cross-product basis.


At the moment, no competitive product in the range of LED offers such a variety of professional light shapers - hence there is almost no limit for creativity.


The broncolor LED F160 is a very high.quality, compact and durable LED lamp for the professional user. Especially in product photography its strengths come into play. It ideally matches the wide broncolor light shaper range - this allows a creative and versatile work.

The LED F160 is the first LED lamp with which light can be formed and created very precisely. The unique construction of the lighting element is very close to a point light source, can be focused in the light shaper and allows a precise light guidance.

In addition, the LED F160 lamp is very suited for video and film applications. Innovative functions such as the integration into the broncolor bronControl app solution underline the premium character of this product and make an efficient work and optimized workflows possible.

WiFi using bronControl Apps
Allow you to remotely control the LED F160 in a convenient and uncomplicated 
way and makes an efficient workflow possible.




The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 97+ over the whole colour temperature range. With 5500 Kelvin even a value of 98.6 is achieved.



Features :

• Compatible with extensive broncolor light shaper assortment

• Outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI) 97+ (with 5500 K even CRI 98.6!)

• Constant power over the whole colour temperature range

• Variable colour temperature (2800 up to 6800 K, in steps of 50)

• Shift-key daylight / tungsten

• Green / magenta setting (tint)

• Manual focusing device

• Compact housing

• Integrated WiFi module / full integration into the bronControl app (in the future)

• DMX (Digital Multiplex) & RDM (Remote Device Management) function (optional *)

• OLED display with excellent readability of display (also laterally) and high contrast

• Consistent menu navigation trimmed on easy, intuitive operation

• Comfort: locking slider with locking function (both hands free to remove or mount big softboxes, for instance)