From today broncolor wireless transmitter for optimum flash triggering is available to users of Fujifilm cameras. 


The RFS 2.2 F Wireless Transmitter operates as a remote control or radio flash trigger for one or more broncolor power packs or monolights equipped with a RFS 2 interface. 


Power packs or monolights not equipped with a RFS 2 interface can operated by connecting a RFS 2.2 Transceiver (as a receiver). The Wireless Transmitter also enables the broncolor HS function in combination with broncolor Move and Siros units (Siros 800 / Siros 800 S / Siros 800 L / Siros 400 L).



The broncolor HS function enables flash at all shutter speeds; there are no longer any restrictions on flash synchronisation. Above all it allows a photographer to work with wide-open apertures. With the HS function, you can choose to work with large apertures, or very high shutter speeds, down to 1/8000s are equally possible. This gives an under-exposed background and the flash can express itself fully.



When HS function is activated, the exposure can be optimised especially for that particular camera using the HSMA (HS Manual Adjust) menu. The purpose of HSMA mode is to override the automatic flash trigger.




Fujifilm Type

Manual Mode standard

Manual Mode rear curtain sync

Manual Mode HS function

            X-Pro2                Yes  Yes Yes
GFX 50S Yes Yes Yes
X-T20 Yes Yes Yes
X-T1 Yes Yes Yes
X-T2 Yes Yes Yes
X-PRO1 Yes No No
X-A3 Yes No No
X-T10 Yes No No
X-E1 Yes No No
X100F Yes Yes Yes
X100T Yes No Yes






Broncolor RFS 2.2 F will be available on Feb 2018.

For more information please contact our marketing department at 021 22634 766