As of now, photographers are being offered a more powerful, new light shaper: the broncolor Litepipe P. The five components can be assembled in less than a minute, without the use of any tools. The centrepiece of the construction is the tube-shaped diffuser, which can be rolled up for transport. The small pack size – which all fits into a small bag – makes the broncolor Litepipe P the ideal companion for any photographer, whether in the studio or on location.


Reliable, long-term use is ensured by the robust parts in proven broncolor quality. Thanks to the well-known bayonet, the Litepipe P is compatible with these broncolor lamps: Pulso G, Unilite, Litos and MobiLED (if available, a matt protecting glass is recommended respectively). The Litepipe P can also be used on the broncolor Siros monolight. 


Broncolor Litepipe P with the counter-reflector


Broncolor Litepipe P without the counter-reflector

Broncolor Litepipe P in its Transport Bag

The Litepipe P delivers a homogeneous light, which is adoptable to the respective circumstances. The two counter-reflectors included (textile covers with alu reflex coating; 1 narrow, 1 wider) can be used quite flexibly–the visible light-section can be changed steplessly, whilst the Litepipe P can also act as a natural ambient light when the counterreflectors are not used. 


The Litepipe P also puts its advantages to use in other ways: its long design makes it possible to manage without a boom-stand or ceiling suspension. Even in confined spaces, or with deep ceilings, this light shaper is more practical than the more bulky softboxes.


Regardless of whether interior, fashion, beauty or product photography, you can rely on the strengths of the light, practical and versatile Litepipe P – on every set.




                                                                                                                                             ©Jessica Keller


                                                                                                                                              ©Jessica Keller


                                                                                                                                              ©Jessica Keller



Scope of Delivery :

  • 1x Special, colour-neutral diffuser film with zip
  • 2x Counter-reflector with alu reflex coating (on the inside)
  • 1x Base tube with reflector, broncolor bayonet and push-buttons
  • 1x Counter-piece with push-buttons
  • 1x Transport bag



Broncolor Litepipe P will be available on Jan 2018.

For more information please contact our marketing department at 021 22634 766