Following the spectacular light shaper Para 170 FB, 220 FB and 330 FB, the Para 88 now continues the success story of the broncolor company.

With its smaller dimensions, a weight of not even 6 kg and a compact design, the new Para 88 is now even more mobile - ideal for outdoor shootings. smaller studios and for travelling.

Despite its compact dimensions, the Para 88 offers even more possiblities for creating your individual lighting. It cannot only be used with a focusing system as usual from the front but also from behind by using the broncolor bayonet funcstion as a unique reflector.


Its variable light means that the Para 88 can
provide optimum service in practically all
branches of photography.

Defocused it will illuminate even large sets very uniformly from a relatively short distance.
The inwardly directed light reduces the light scattered sideaways decisively. The resulit is that, even in this setting, you can work with high contrast.

By focusing the light source, which positioned precisely in the centre of the parabola, the beam angle can be drastically resticted. In this form the light from a Para 88 can best be compared with an over-size fresnel spot. Strongly directional, rich in contrast, but, due to the 88 cm diameter, not too hard. Perfectly controlled brightness gradients and dramatic light control can be simply and quickly attained. 


A unique feature of the Para 88 is that it can be used as an individual reflector. It can be easily assembled over a broncolor bayonet fitting.

The flash tube is then precisely at tthe focus of the parabolic reflector. Because the lamp is now directed forwards, the direct light so produced gives shadow extras sharpness, and the fraction of scatter can be easily be increased to reduce contrast.




Diffuser 1   -  Small diffusion degree

Diffuser 2  -   Medium diffusion degree

Diffuser 3  -   Large diffusion degree






Light Grid 40°










Modification kit Ringflash C for Para 88

for modification to Ringflash P incl. protecting glass









Adapter Ringflash P for Para 88

in case you already own a Ringflash P





Ringflash P for Para 88







Focusing system P

for Para 88 Reflector to use with flash




Focusing system D

for Para 88 Reflector to use with HMI F200/ F400 and Kobold DW 200 / DW 400




                  Adapter P






                  Adapter D






And as if that were not enought, the Para 88 D kit can even be fitted with broncolor new continuous light HMI F200 and F400,Kobold DW 200 / DW 400




The new opening mechanism for the Para 88 provides the greatest ease-of-use combined with quick opening. Patents are pending for this product.







Para 88 Reflector

Para 88 P Kit

Allowed max. energy

3200 J     3200 J

F-stop at 2 m (10 m)  distance

focused : f: 90 (f: 22)                             
      focused : f: 64 9/10 (f: 22 8/10)           
        defocused : f: 64 9/10 (f: 11)


Inside Coating


 silver                  silver           


Dimensions open (without stand)


 ø 85 x 64 cm                                                   ø 85 x 107 cm with focusing system             


Dimensions closed


ø 20 x 83 cm                                          ø 32 x 107 cm with focusing system  


Weight without case


 2.8 kg       5.5 kg


Scope of delivery


Para 88 reflector, big bag                                                                 Para 88 reflector, focusing system P, big bag                              


  • broncolor Para 88 Reflector

    broncolor Para 88 Reflector

    Consist of

    1 broncolor Para 88 Reflector

    1 big bag

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  • broncolor Para 88 P Kit

    broncolor Para 88 P Kit

    Consist of

    1 broncolor Para 88 Reflector

    1 focusing system P

    1 big bag

    broncolor Para 88 Kit for broncolor flash light

    Buy Now
  • broncolor Para 88 D Kit

    broncolor Para 88 D Kit

    Consist of

    1 broncolor Para 88 Reflector

    1 focusing system D 

    1 big bag

    broncolor Para 88 D Kit for broncolor HMI & Kobold continuous light

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Broncolor Scope D50 – the portable surface visualization system 



With the Scope D50, broncolor launches a unique, portable surface visualization system, which – by means of a digital image – reproduces absolutely authenticly the following characteristics of an object:

  • Shape 
  • Color 
  • Texture

                                              Broncolor Scope D50

The result can be viewed in any web environment and on any mobile device. 

The broncolor Scope D50 offers endless possibilities with respect to surfaces: 

  • Analyse 
  • Animate 
  • Digitally explore

                               Basic Lighting                                                                      Scope D50

The portable surface visualization system, Scope D50, has been developed in cooperation with the Start-Up TRUVIS, which originated from the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel, Switzerland. 


More than digitalization 

Based on 48 single images the powerful software creates a surface model. 

More than photography 

Unlike classical photography, the digital recording of the broncolor Scope D50 is not static but interactive. 

More than lighting 

The light that affects the object can be moved virtually, making it possible to display details that are barely visible to the naked eye. 


For operating the Scope D50, the software TRUVIS Authentica Creator (ACreator) is needed. One license comprising two workstations is provided with every Scope D50 unit. 

The procedure is as follows: 

  • Capture 
    48 single images of an object are taken. 

  • Process
    The software generates a digital surface model of the object (including shape, color and reflection characteristics). 

  • Visualize Interactive visualizations can be created and published. 

   Screenshot of TRUVIS 

                                                                        Scope D50 in action

Features :

  • 48 high-quality LEDs 

  • Sophisticated capturing and processing software 

  • Portable integrated solution 

  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module for communication with the computer 

  • Objects can be captured without a computer, too 

  • Desktop or ground installation thanks to provided supporting feet 

  • Can be mounted to a suitable stand (integrated tilt head) 

  • Surfaces can be captured horizontally or vertically* (* e.g. the texture of a pillar) 

  • Precise alignment thanks to integrated circular level 

  • Bracket for all common camera types