Apple has recently released a new line of computers that include a communication interface called Thunderbolt.

The interface allows for a great amount of flexibility as a number of adaptors can be used in conjunction with several different hardware's. As the new Apple Laptops (Macbook Pro and Macbook Air) do not have a Firewire communication ports, the Thunderbolt to Firewire Adaptor made by Apple is recommended to tether your Phase One or Leaf Credo Digital Back.

The adaptor has been tested and found to work adequately for tethered capture with certain Phase One and Leaf digital backs. However, there are some workflow concerns to consider when using the Adaptor;

  • Due to the additional "translation" of the Firewire communication through the Thunderbolt Terminal, capture speed will suffer some performance.

  • Due to the loss of capture speed performance, it is possible to fill the buffer of the IQ, Credo and P+ backs much faster than with a standard Firewire Connection. Discretion when shooting quickly is suggested.

  • Due to Power Consumption with this setup it is recommended to have additional batteries as well as have the Apple system connected to a power source.



The Thunderbolt Terminal does not have the same Power Output as a standard Firewire Port (400 or 800) so it is recommended that the back used be set to "Battery" as the main power source to avoid communication failure.



With IQ and Credo backs, there is an option to charge the internal battery whilst shooting tethered. It is recommended that this option be turned OFF due to the limitations listed above.

                          Phase One IQ backs set up


                          Leaf Credo backs set up


For Phase One H series backs and P-backs regular models a Phase One repeater is required



For Leaf Aptus II-backs a Leaf repeater is required:

For more information about Phase One & Mamiya Leaf repeater, call 021 634 3127