First Use

Before using the Mobil power pack for the first time, we recommend to fully charge the battery.

A full battery capacity cannot be expected during the first discharge of the battery, this becomes available only after the battery has been fully recharged.


After Use

Always store the battery pack of the Mobil fully charged.

When not in use for a long time store the battery pack outside the power packs.

A stored battery should be recharged evert 3 months.

Store the battery in a cool and dry storage room.


A word on performance

Regularly used batteries achieve a better power output (more flashes)

Whenever possible avoid full discharge cycles to reduce wear. Use a discharge level of 50% but recharge more frequently.


Additional information

The battery does not show any particular  "memory effect",  i.e. even when it is partly charged, it can be used without problems, and does not need to be regularly discharged. Ensure, however, that the battery package never discharges exhaustively.


Battereries do not last forever

Batteries automatically lose capacity during their service life, as they are subjected to a natural ageing process (chemical process) resulting in a loss of capacity and reduced efficiency.

Typical symptoms of an end of life battery:

  • rapid loss of power after a complete charge
  • noticeable reduction of number of flashes

For this reason, we advice you to have the batteries checked by a service station at the latest after 3 years, and to replace them, if required.


The charging process

The charger charges the battery in multiple levels, which are displayed by the integrated LED:

  • LED Red  :

the battery is empty

  • LED Yellow :

the battery is being charged in quick charge mode up to approx. 80% of full charge,
duration depending on status of charge, up to about 2 hours

  • LED Green :

the battery is being recharged slowly to 100% (duration up to about 3 hours)
and then kept on charge conservation.