Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack

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  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack
  • Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack

The Pro-Light Bumblebee-220 PL is a multi-featured professional backpack designed to provide the best carrying, storage and working solutions. Lightweight and Protective it will cater to the smallest detail of a professional's working needs.

Specially formed foam encased spring steel Spine Guard runs down the front of the bag and an Aluminium Skeleton stave arcs across the mid section for ultimate structural protection. Light yet durable RipStop fabrics & meshes, Aeriform foams and Spider Webbing straps all join together to create a protective and light backpack, and the fantastic modularity allows you to make it even lighter by simply removing components that are not necessary for your everyday work.

The main compartment is designed to hold 2 to 3 DSLR camera bodies + up to 8 lenses (space for up to 500mm but with tripod mount dismantled) + flash + many other accessories. Use the modular Aeriform Dividers and Cocoon Pouches to custom fit your exact gear needs.

Access to the main compartment can be from top, bottom or any other point so if you need to get to one specific item you do not have to open the entire bag and expose its content to prying eyes.

Additional storage space is available in the large full length rear laptop slot (will fit most 17" laptops). External top pocket and two side pockets will store personal effects such as phone, wallet, travel documents etc. These can also store small accessories you need rapid access too such as media cards, batteries or filter, while a flexible pocket on the other side will easily carry a water bottle.

The double purpose pocket on the bottom front of the bag can be used either for additional storage or as a docking base to secure a small tripod.

Includes items to enhance performance such as:<%2

Unique Features
Tripod Holder
The Kata tripod holder allows you never to leave your tripod behind. Simply attach to the designated loops on the bag and put two legs of the tripod in the sling to comfortably carry your tripod along with you.

Elements Cover
The provided elements cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions. The element cover is two sided - the black side for rain protection, the silver side for heat deflection, dust cover or even a reflector if needed.

Laptop Compartment
This bag features a padded laptop compartment which will allow you to always have your computer at hand and easily accessible. Please check the Kata bag Chooser for compatible laptop models.

Trolley Compatible
This bag is compatible with trolley ( sold separately) - a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to carry the case, or even several cases at once, on a trolley. Simply slide the trolley through the integrated sleeve on any of KATA's compatible cases for secure and easy mobility. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it, or for maintenance.

Modi-Vers Compatible
This bag is customizable through the use of the modi-vers divider system (KT VG-MDK, sold separately). This allows you to fully customize your bag to protect and fit your gear. You can cut custom dividers to fit whatever size you need to keep your equipment snug. The yellow material makes it easy to find even the smallest components and accessories.

EPH System Compatible
This bag is compatible with the Kata Ergonomic PHoto system which will allow you to connect additional bags for extra carrying possibilities. You can add backpacks, torso packs or waist packs to any of your Kata EPH system compatible bags.

Aluminium Skeleton
Inspired by the human skeleton, Kata uses formed aluminum alloy staves or frames for ultra light structural protection and smart weight distribution.

Gecko Harness
Our patent pending Gecko Harness System was developed to provide outstanding ergonomic compatibility and a perfect fit to your back and body. The innovative 3D injection design and micro hatched texture secure the harness on your back at the right angle to allow a better shooting experience.

Spine Guard MK II
The specially formed foam vertebrae Spine Guard provides ultimate structural protection.

Camera Strap Compatible
This feature allows you to use the KATA camera strap (KT PL-C-STRAP, sold separately) as part of your harness system to shift the load of your camera from your neck to your shoulders. By attaching your camera to the rings on the shoulder straps the weight goes to your torso, instead of hurting your neck, creating a much more comfortable shooting experience.

  • Collection Pro-Light
  • External Max Size 34 x 28 x 52 cm
  • Internal Main Compartment 32 x 18 x 50 cm
  • Max Weight 2.965 kg
  • Min Weight 1.825 kg
  • Computer compartment 32 x 4 48 cm
  • Color Black
  • Warranty 5 Years
  • Features Elements Cover, Laptop Compartment, Insertrolley Compatible, Modi-Vers Compatible, EPH System Compatible, Aluminium Skeleton, Gecko Harness, Spine Guard MK II
  • Made in Israel

Kata Bumblebee-220 PL backpack

  • Holds 2 - 3 DSLR camera bodies + up   to 8 lenses (up to 500mm lens), flash   and acc
  • Rear compartment fits a laptop up to   17" 
  • Aluminum skeleton provide structure &   protecting gear from shock
  • Gecko harness provide extra cushioning 
  • Spine Guard gear by absorbing shock   impact 
  • Accepts Kata EPH System Bags

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