About Primaimaging

About Primaimaging
Primaimaging is the Professional Photographic Equipment Supplier, was established in 1983.

Starting out by handling flash equipment, we have gained our photo equipment products over the years.

Currently we are one of the largest professional equipment supplier in Indonesia.

We cater to professionals, portrait & wedding studios, amateurs and hobbyist.

Our range of products are as follow :

  • Alpa Camera

    Alpa Camera

    Uncompromising photographic instruments. A modular camera platform.

    made in Switzerland

  • Phase One Camera System

    Phase One Camera System

    The World's leader in open platform based medium format camera system and solution.

    made in Denmark

  • Mamiya Leaf Camera System

    Mamiya Leaf Camera System

    Leveraging 70 years of Mamiya camera and optics expertise with the digital imaging technology of Leaf, Mamiya Leaf offers high-end digital...

    Made in Israel & Japan

  • Carl Zeiss

    Carl Zeiss

    Camera lenses from ZEISS are used by millions of photographers all over the world: in SLR or rangefinder cameras, in Sony compact cameras or in...

    Made in Germany

  • Broncolor Lighting System

    Broncolor Lighting System

    The world leading brand world wide for flashlight system.

    made in Switzerland

  • Visatec Lighting System

    Visatec Lighting System

    Visatec monolights are developed in Switzerland and confirm to a high standard quality.

    made in Switzerland

  • Kobold


    Lighting for professional photography, broadcast/ TV and event.

    made in Switzerland

  • LupoLight


    The leading manufacturer of fluorescent lights for the photography and television market.

    made in Italy

  • Lupolux


    Lupolux range of product includes daylight spotlight, LED Fresnel and other continuous lighting product for photographic and televisions studios.

    made in Italy

  • Foba


    Manufacturer of ceiling system, studio background supports, studio stands, shooting tables, turntable for 3D images and more

    made in Switzerland

  • Gitzo Tripods

    Gitzo Tripods

    Manufacturer of photographic accessories includes tripods, monopods, heads and accessories.

    made in Italy

  • Schneider


    Manufacturer of lenses and filters for still life photography, motion pictures and video.

    made in Germany

  • B+W Filter

    B+W Filter

    Manufacturer of optical filters for still life photography.

    made in Germany

  • Kata Bags

    Kata Bags

    Manufacturer of advance cases, camera bags, video bags

    from Israel

  • HPRC Hard Cases

    HPRC Hard Cases

    The new watertight and unbreakable cases, can be used for all sort of applications and different areas.

    made in Italy

  • California Sunbounce

    California Sunbounce

    Manufacturer of photographic lighting equipment reflectors, scrims, grip material and bags.

    made in Germany

  • Sun Sniper

    Sun Sniper

    Manufacturer of new generation camera strap.

    made in Germany

  • SM Development

    SM Development

    Specialized in studio flash accessories such as radio trigger, wireless release and cable release.

    made in Korea

  • Condor Foto

    Condor Foto

    Manufacturer of special effect, auxiliary chemicals for photography

    made in Italy

  •  Savage Paper

    Savage Paper

    The worldwide leader of backgrounds, and photographic products.

    made in USA

  • Miggo


    The manufacture of a simple and fun multi-purpose camera carrier, that allows you to carry your camera comfortably and sore it securely in any...

  • Tether Tools

    Tether Tools

    Tethering gear and technology mounting solutions help you integrate the latest software and Apps into your workflow.  

  • 3D-VIZ.COM


    Professional 360º photography technology equipments with intuitive operating system, high precision and the reliability of swiss-quality...

  • Kupo Grip

    Kupo Grip

    Professional lighting stands and grip accessories.

  • Green Clean

    Green Clean

    Manufacturer of products for cleaning sensitive surfaces in the fields of optics, electronics, movies, photography and videos,...

  • Miops


    Innovative Camera and Flash Trigger for High Speed Photography, Camera Remote, HDR, Water Drop Photography and Timelapse device.

  • Nya-Evo


    Extreme adventure backpack, Highly Adaptive backpack, backpack for world travellers, for people that go beyond known routes, for the ones that...

  • Tangent


    Control Panels for Color Correction, Editing and Video Post-Production.

    Made in United Kingdom

  • Eizo


    Manufacturr of high-end monitors and display solution for photography, post-production graphics, medical, gaming & many more...

    made in Japan

Seminar & Workshop
Since 1987 we keep conducting seminars and workshops with professional photographers around the world.

Special Effect Seminar by Pete Seaward from London.

Lighting Technique Workshops in Broncolor, Switzerland.

Broncolor Workshop by Jean Philip Larboulette from Switzerland.

Broncolor Creative Seminar by Arild Sonstrad from Norway.

Automobile Workshop by Rena Staud from Germany.

Light Painting Seminar by Aaron Jones from USA.

Hi-Fashion and Advertising Photography Seminar by Shin Sugino from Canada.

Food & Still Life Photography by Jim Hansen from USA.

Still life & Polaroid Transfer Technique by Chuck Bradley from Australia.

Fashion & Dance Photography by Lois Greenfield from USA.

Portrait & Wedding Photography by Arild Sonstrad from Norway.

Digital Workflow Specialist by Marcel Metzler.

Digital Photography by Allan Hansen from Denmark.

Wedding Photography by Patrick Tan from Taiwan.

Fashion, Beauty Seminar and Still life Photography by Jen Siow from Malaysia.

Broncolor Lighting Seminar and Workshop by Urs Recher from Switzerland.

Hi-Fashion & Beauty Digital Photography by Sarah Silver from New York.

Still life & Portrait Photography by Dennis Savini from Switzerland.

Still life & Portrait Digital Photography by Nadia Winzenried from Switzerland.

The Passionate Eye in Character Portraiture & Still life Photography by Gerlado Pace from Canada.

Artistic Integrity & Commercial Freedom in Photography by Hans Neleman from New York.

Broncolor Lighting Seminar & Workshop by Urs Recher from Switzerland.

Conceptual & Dramatic Lighting in Fashion Photography by Geoff Ang from Singapore.

Creative Lighting in the Age of Digital Photography Seminar & Workshop by Urs Recher from Switzerland.

Lighting Architecture Seminar and Workshop by Urs Recher from Switzerland.

Seminar & Photo Hunting with models, Reveal the secret of B+W Filter by Heinz Dieter Nicolai & Philip Kim.

Lighting Three Dimensionality in Commercial & Advertising Photography Seminar & Workshop by Nadia Winzenried from Switzerland.

Lifestyle & Wedding Photography "Passion & Business Seminar by Mke Larson from USA.

Building Your Business Sense in Fashion Photography by Drew Gardner from London.

Light Architecture Seminar & Workshop by Urs Recher from Switzerland.

Lifestyle Workshop with Pete Seaward in Bali.


Fashion, Beauty, Jewellery & Still Life in Three Dimensionality Lighting Technique Workshop by Nadi Winzenried.


Wedding and Portrait Photography Seminar by Dan O'Day.

Light Architecture in Portrait, Fashion and Still Life Photography Workshop by Urs Recher


Master Class Workshop by Dennis Savini.

How To - Creative Lighting Technique in Portrait, Glamour, Food, Still Life & Mixed Light Workshop by Nadia Winzenried.

Making Outstanding Images in Portraiture & Still Life Photography by Ming Theins & Bertram Hoenlinger (from Zeiss)


Capture One Advance Full Software Course with Peter Marshall

Prewedding & Art Portrait Photography Mini Workshop by Muse Chan

Natural Light & Flash Light Workshop with Peter Coulson

Broncolor Advance Light Shaping Workshop by Urs Recher



Outstanding Achievement Award in more then 25 years from our suppliers

Award of Excellence from Broncolor

Award of Excellence from Broncolor

Outstanding Achievement in Digital Sales from Sinar

Partner of The Year from Phase One

Outstanding Partner in 25 years from Broncolor

Award of Excellence from Broncolor